Each body part from head to toe is trained in fluid movements on the Pilates Reformer device. Particularly challenging for the core muscles.

A hand drawn couple illustration, train on a Pilates Reformer together. Powerful, aligned and centered. The woman lifts up her leg and push her body weight away throughout the foot bare. The men does the famous Pilates Short Spine massage while having his feats in the foot loops to push his body against the resistance.



The Pilates Reformer is a highly popular piece of equipment within the Pilates training. It mindfully coordinates and builds the whole body while stretching and strengthening the musculature. Its signature flow of movements enhances the mobility and motor function of the complete musculoskeletal system.

The constant cueing of the trainer as well as precise and dynamic sequences against the device’s spring resistance make the Reformer training not only highly efficient but also refreshing and energetic. It activates the whole core – for a particularly strong back.

REALZ offers classes at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level in German and English.

Pilates for
Older Adults

Pilates for
Older Adults

The Reformer training is not only accessible for young, fit people but is equally suitable for older people with or without physical limitations.

It facilitates learning new, healthy motion sequences and therefore strengthens the immune system, prevents injury and supports rehabilitation.

Pilates pre-

and postnatal

Pilates pre-

and postnatal

Pilates reformer training is the ideal preparation for childbirth and the postpartum period. Additionally, it fosters mental wellbeing.

The whole musculature including the back and pelvic floor is strengthened and stretched, giving the body a safe, centered feeling and preventing back pain and tension.

The pre- and postnatal sessions are usually more slow and considerate, taking the stage of pregnancy and the abilities of the mother carefully into account.


Reformer Beginner group or solo classes are especially suitable for Pilates novices. During or after pregnancy, solo or duo classes are the best option. Solo classes are equally suitable for people with physical limitations.

Close-up of a woman doing Pilates training, she has bent her knee to her body, her hands behind her head and is pulling her elbow to the knee, while she rolls up her upper body and tenses her abdominal muscles




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