Pilates Classes

All group, duo and solo Pilates classes can be booked online via the timetable, simply click on the desired course and save your spot! For solo, duo and massage, preferred dates can be tailored to your needs via email.

To all Pilates newbies: the solo and group beginner classes are particularly recommended to start with. Regardless of the current range of motion, the intermediate and advanced classes are only suitable for Pilates experienced.

Booking options

Studio note

In order to participate in our classes, a certificate of a valid negative test or proof of a 2nd vaccination plus 10 days or confirmation of recovery not older than 6 months is required. Alternatively, in order not to disrupt the start of the class and the course of the training, you can appear one hour before the start of the class and take a test you have brought with you on site. In an emergency, we provide a quick test for € 7.50. If there are any signs of illness, we ask you to stay at home.

Please show up for the lesson in training materials, as the changing room may not yet be used. Masks are generally required in the studio. As soon as you sit down at the equipment and the lesson begins, the mask can be worn or taken off voluntarily. The devices are carefully disinfected after the hour. The entire studio itself is fully equipped in accordance with the current hygiene measures.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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